Welcome to RadioWoose.org!

Yes, thank you for coming and tuning in to the wild and wacky world of Radio Woose. And, even if I’m the only one listening, it’s still the most fun you can have without your pants down!

Unlike most stations, Radio Woose is broadcast at 320 kb/s mp3, which is ultra-high quality, and consider that most stations are at 128kb or even less.  Of course if they’re playing from a crapy audio source it will sound bad no matter what.  But from clean tracks, the higher the better.  320kb may be a bit much for some people bandwidth-wise, but lower bitrate streams are in the works.  They’re here!  But think of it this way:  A 1080p youtube video takes about 4,500 kb/s, which is more than 10 times the 320kb/s rate of the stream … and believe me, the sound quality is amazing!

Thank you so much for tuning in to Radio Woose!

UPDATE:  Radio Woose is now broadcasting in 3 bitrates and stream qualities for your listening pleasure and bandwidth comfort!  Just click on the playlist below and your media player should give you a choice of three streams 🙂  Or of course you can enjoy the player on the right which is playing the 192 kb/s stream.


Kind regards,

The Woose