Contact the Woose!!!

The Woose can be reached at woose (at)

If you have any desire to contact the Woose or just hear silly prank calls, then please call one of my numbers around the world! The main one you must call is:
712-22-RADIO (712-227-2346)

And now for the international numbers that can sometimes lead to hearing Radio Woose on the phone or leaving me a message. Be warned that the languages are those of the country called! 🙂

Amsterdam, Netherlands – +31-203697440
London, England – +44-203-677-5550
Malm, Sweden – +46-406-688210
Milan, Italy – +39-0287158735

And finally, the mysterious Woose number!

Somewhere in the US – +1-760-35-WOOSE (760-359-6673)

I hope you can enjoy these amusing Lines, especially if you live in one of the countries they are in. Now you know what the Woose spends all his money on, except of course buying music for Radio Woose! Hahahaha …. can you imagine actually paying for music? LOL!

So use these numbers and see what you might find!